Height:5ft “10




My Favourite

Film:City of God

Telly:No time for tv! Manz be Shotting hard!

Book:Hilarious, fam. I don’t do reading.

Quote:“Get Nizzy livin’ or get Nizzy dyin’”

Food:Double Cheeseburger

Person:Li’l Zé

About Me

Nizzy in da house. I’m all about living life to da full. Me and my boys are the big dogs in The Endz. Nothing is done without our permission. When someone steps out of line, I’m Budge’s go to guy and I’ll make sure they don’t do it again!

I’m ranked, get me? I’ll do anything to make a few dollar. I feel sorry for all those idiots wasting time at school; why bother when you can make the peas with a couple of deals? I left that behind when I was thirteen and I ain’t never looked back.

First time the fuzz got me I was fourteen. Some 18 year old chump wouldn’t let me keep his bike, so I stuck him and took his piece of crap bike anyway. They put me in youth rehabilitation for a while, but when I got out I was welcomed back with open arms.