J Stax


Height:5ft “9



Occupation:Delivery Man

My Favourite


Telly:Adventure Time

Book:Not Now, Bernard

Quote:“My girl likes to party all the time”

Food:Curried Goat

Person:Eddie Murphy

About Me

Yo, yo, yo! J Stax here.

Life’s about laughing loud and partying hard. I can do both at the same time! I was the joker in school, always making my boy Terry crease up. The teachers reckoned I went too far when I set the teacher’s lounge on fire, but I’m telling you it was hilarious, innit!

I got mad when they expelled me. It was just a joke. But I rolled with the punches and started delivering for Budge. The work is easy and the money is good. I ain’t complaining! Plus I got a whole new audience for my jokes. Life is good, baby.

I’ve even got Terry a gig with Budge, so all my boys are together. Nizzy can get a bit hot at times, but he just needs to be calmed down. J Stax is the man to do it!