Welcome To TryLife

Welcome to our new TryLife Blog.

We are going to take you behind the scenes at TryLife and show you some of our work. 

Many people follow the Facebook page for the inspirational quotes, some for the funny memes and others for our interactive films. 

We are an interactive film production company who engage with young people from all around the world.

Our films are hard hitting and often cover difficult social and health issues.

A normal feature film is around 90 pages of script and the storyline runs from A to B.

Our films are interactive, the action pauses and you are presented with a choice.

Your decision has an immediate impact on the storyline and changes the situation for the characters. 

Some of our scripts have more than 450 pages with more than 100 possible routes through each storyline.  

We want YOU to help us with the next film. 

We'll show you behind the scenes, introduce you to our team and give you an insight into our work here at TryLife.

We have some exciting projects about to start and for the first time we're going to show you the inner workings. 

There's loads of opportunities to get involved. 

Have a great day folks, watch this space. 



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