We'd Like to Thank

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our family and friends for their support, our Facebook and Twitter community, absolutely everyone who has helped out and these people below:

Brenda Ellis (for naming TryLife)
Lisa Laws
Dr Richard Exley
David Clouston
NTC Youth Forum
NTC Youth Council
Geraldine Pattinson
Tyne Met College
Barnardos Teenage Pregnancy Team
2 Toots Scooter Club
Rupert Lee
Arch Partnership
Neil Denton

Teenage Kicks
Teenage Pregnancy Unit
Justice Prince
Justice Prince Youth Group
Norman Maines
Paul Thompson
Kerry Williamson
Sue Ahern
Kingslee Daley
Margaret Richardson
Hema Yoshi
James Kirkham
Andy Hudson
Douglas Hunter

Kevin Irwin
Jackie Irwin
Kelly Irwin
Gary Irwin
Haley McClay
James Wright
Sarah lee
Lindsey Palmer
Chris Taylor
BCB Radio
Spark FM
Linda Bryan
Lancelot Bryan
Peter Tate
Bar Loco

Young Mayor Jade Hope
Sue Francis
JNR Recordings
Heaton Perk
Nicky Bradley
Ashwin Kumar
Young people Barnardo’s Palmersville Training
Ashley Elliott
Holly Elliott
Maureen Elliott
Riley Elliott avern Pinnock
David Elliott
Kay Donnelly
Paul Rawlings

Ken Ellis
Nick James
Anna McTavish
Lisa Cole
Alistair McDonald
Michael McElwee
Jon Vincent
Sam Haley
Claire Newton
Paul Harvey
Davey C
Smoking Lee Smith
Coley Cabs
Karen Foster

Misato Ellis
Gemma Ellis
The Cartwright’s
Tanya Vital
Helen Campbell
Salvatore Pascale
Maya Esposito
Claudio Pascale
Dave Eddy
Egle Dubinkaite
Neil Bestford
Jack Robertson
Mick Clarke
Laura Pusey
Loveleen Sandhu
Santosh Nagi


If we have missed you from this list, turn that frown upside down,
we are TryLife so get in touch and we will put it right