Height:5ft “8




My Favourite


Telly:Top Boy

Song:Dry your eyes – The streets

Book:Ha! Books! You joking?

Quote:“You are what you eat”

Food:Cheese on toast

Person:Dr Dre

About Me

Sorry ladies, I’m spoken for. I’ve got this sweet little ting called Aaliyah and I ain’t letting her go any time soon… unless I see Beyoncé down Lewisham! I fancied my girl as soon as I saw her and I wasn’t gonna let her get away, not for no one.

When I’m not with the GF, I’m hanging out with the boys. I’ve known J Stax for years (He’s hilarious, fam!), and he’s got me in with Budge and his crew. All of my other mates are stuck in school doing their A Levels, but I’m living the good life!

Budge is a busy man. He needs go-getters like me to help him out. I do what he wants me to do; it’s as simple as that. He even bought me some sweet new sneaks. Bang tidy Nikeys! I’ve got my girl and my boys; life is wicked at the minute!