Height:5ft “6




My Favourite

Film:Great Gatsby


Song:Bloodshot – We are Twist

Book:The Necromancer – Jonathan Howard

Quote:“Life is like a box of chocolates”

Food:Caesar Salad

Person:Antonio da Silva (Dad)

About Me

Hi guys!

I’m Aaliyah. Nice to meet you.

There’s not much to say about me, really. I’ve always done OK at school, and my teachers have been trying to get me into further education. But I’m not sure I could handle two more years! I guess I might if Terry decides to carry on as well.

We’ve been seeing each other for four months now. Terry’s my first real boyfriend. There have been other guys, but this one is nicer… sometimes! It’s not all been great, but he can be a really nice guy when we’re alone together.

We’ve gone to some clubs recently, not that I’ve told my parents. They think I’m staying at a friend’s house. Terry and his mates love going out, and I’ll take any opportunity to get involved and make my friends jealous!